How to win florida lottery

On this page we will discus general idea on how to win any Floridian lottery. For sake of example and popularity we will be using PowerBall

Most of data is collected from So with that data provided we are able to analyze numbers by strengths and other patterns.

This webiste is broken down in to sections. We recomend you start by going to Basic of how ot win lottery

Basics  of how ot win lottery.

Basics of winning lottery is creating custom filters, for this example we would be creating 3 types of filters. These filters are “Ranges”, “Odd and Even”, and “Numerology”. This will allow us to have a single digit by the end of the filtering process. Now i am going to state this now. You can change the order or add different filters. The purpose behind this article is to show you 1 ways of generating possible winning lottery numbers.

In this video everything would be explain as on this website for who and where everything goes or you can scroll down we will explain each step.

Open Data  lottery analytics data is FREE.

Just to state you have to be aware that data is open and available to any one without any charge. The reason why we notify you of this is because every other site or video we found was selling a book or a software. This is designed for a community use.

Ranges Filter  is a grouping of numbers

Learn more about ranges

We would be breaking down numbers in to groups. For powerball we have numbers going up to 59, and this will allow us to break it down in to 6 groups. Group 1 would be 1 -9, Group 2: 10-19, Group 3: 20-29, Group 4: 30-39, Group 5: 40-49, and Group 6: 50-59.

When we have the numbers broken down we can now take a look at most strongest ranges for positions. We have 5 positions as 6th position is Powerball it self. But we would be calling it KEY BALL. With ability to make smaller groups from 59 to just simple 6 groups we can now look at strongest in its position. powerball ranges strength per position Source (My Winning Lottery)

Breakdown of numbers in to group of numbers by range. Usuall range being used is 1-10. Some lotteries do not qualify so you would break them down 1-2.

converting powerball numbers to ranges Source (My Winning Lottery)

For Conclusion i have chosen top ranges. Which are 0,1,3,4,5 and in result would give us number ranges per position 1-9, 10-19, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59. So if you have not noticed but we just eliminated range 20-29. So we now have 10 numbers less to choose from.

Odd & Even Filter

Learn more about Odd & Even

Now we would be applying Odd & Even filter to remove additional numbers. But before we do that we should take a look at most powerfull odd or even for each position.

So we would be choosing for first position “odd” and form there we will be selecting others, which will give us “odd, even, odd, even, odd”. Now this should cut each number range in to half. So this will reduce the numbers to choose from.

Below are some numbers that qualify as Odd or Even.

converting powerball numbers to odd and even Source (My Winning Lottery)

Numerology Filter

Learn more about numerology

For numerology filter we will be selecting top ranked numerology numbers for each position. Now do remember that some times there is no numbers available when applying numerology. So to be safe when number will not equal a numerology number we will go to second best numerology number untill we find numerology number that works.

Below are some numbers that qualify as Numerology.

converting powerball numbers to numerology Source (My Winning Lottery)

After going thru intensive steps you will notice that we had to adjust our numerology pattern from original 1,6,8,5,5 to new 1,3,4,1,5. This way we have number qualifying for this pattern. Now do remember you can adjust it to your own preferances. This is just an example to show 1 way of filtering out numbers.

Final powerball numerology pattern Source (My Winning Lottery)

Conclusion for Basic process

Bellow is more graphical image of how we filtreded out data on the fifth number. So this is again one way to predict lottery numbers an dnot just random pull out of a hat process.

Powerball fifth number selection flow Source (My Winning Lottery)

So our final number we chose is 1,12,34,46,59 and powerball 16

powerball(key ball) was chosen because on all winnign numbers list it had appeared most offten.


Number ranges are a break down of numbers in to smaller group. It is almost like Numerology but more in order. For example on this page we used a break down of numbers in to group 1-9. So lets say group 1 would be 1-9, then follows by second group which would be 10-19. If you notice we trying to keep the range inside of specific numebr range. so we do not do 10-20, we keep it 1 down. We foudn it to be easier for the eye to identify range.

More detailed information is available in this video:


Numerology is superstition way that some scientist still use to this day. It is often used to break down numbers in to smaller groups, which allows scientific community to identify patterns. This is same system some people use to predict future and identify event that will happen. So for this factor we added numerological process to help people who understand it more. for more details please visit - numerology

Odd & Even

Odd and Even is just one form that is most stronger per position then over all. it is another form of a break down numbers in which positions they would be strong. Many times you will get stuck and not enough difference to make what number to choose until you look at odd and even numbers. They allow you to filter out numbers that you do not need or maybe make a reverse assumption and choose the weaker lean as it could be possibility for the next opportunity for that number to win.

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